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Remember that time I felt like an idiot because I saw two blind guys on the corner, debated how they knew to cross the street there, why they chose the side with no sidewalk, and then gave them a friendly smile?

Even though they’re BLIND. meaning they cannot see me smile. And I was going by in my car anyway. Sigh




This is a thing…?


Yarmakule, bald spot, or misplaced stomach?

Found in an old abnormal psych textbook


Steve Irwin


I’ve now seen two cars with Steve Irwin tributes. Two.



Regarding a bachelorette party


really netflix?

pay it forward

I’ve always tried to pay it forward in any way possible in life. One thing that’s really simple is to keep stuff like granola bars in the car, and if you see a person who is on the corner with a homeless sign, give them out. bottles of water too.

I’m not a big eater, but I tend to have random food in the car (nanny things).

Once I had some kids in the car, and there was a big burly guy on the corner with a sign about needing food since he lost his job. I had some snacks in my purse, so I figured what the hell. I rolled down my window, told him I wished I had more, but it was what I had. We talked a bit, and then the light turned green. As I drove away, one of the kids asked why I gave him food, why he was standing there, etc. So we discussed it. no big.

As I merged into traffic after our turn, i realized what I had given the big bearded burly guy. Fruit snacks. Hello Kitty fruit snacks.

these are the news articles that I bookmark

Florida Police Searching for Heavyset Ninja

Sunday, January 11, 2009

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A ninja is lurking in the shadows of Palm Beach County, but apparently he’s more like Chris Farley in “Beverly Hills Ninja” than Liam Neeson in “Batman Begins.”

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says a heavyset man with a visible potbelly unsuccessfully tried to steal two different ATMs over the past two weeks. Security video from the ATMs showed the unidentified man dressed in a black ninja outfit with a hood that showed only his eyes.

Authorities say the first attempt was made at a bank on Dec. 29, and another attempt was made at a Walgreens on Tuesday. Authorities did not say how the man tried to steal the machines.

Anyone with information about the attempted robberies should call Crime Stoppers.