once upon a time, i was babysitting and well, i ended up knocking over an ENTIRE GLAASS of MILK on my CROTCH.

the kids were already asleep… so after using some not kid friendly words, and jumping out of the chair, the only logical thing to do was take my jeans off. in their dining room.. i ran around in my underwear and tried to figure out what the hell i should do. i wasn’t going to go commando… so i grabbed a towel and hoped my underwear would dry. i stayed in a towel for maybe 15 mins before i decided it was ridiculous and that i needed pants. i texted the mom and asked her if i could borrow sweats…. which led to an even bigger dilemma… wear them with milk-soaked underwear? i was not about to borrow underwear or go commando in someone else’s pants… esp since i had my period.

the whole thing was a fiasco. funny, typically me, but still a fiasco. oh and i briefly debated blowdrying my underwear, but then decided that was a BAD idea that would smell AWFUL. milk crotch = gross.

… oh life.