I’ve always tried to pay it forward in any way possible in life. One thing that’s really simple is to keep stuff like granola bars in the car, and if you see a person who is on the corner with a homeless sign, give them out. bottles of water too.

I’m not a big eater, but I tend to have random food in the car (nanny things).

Once I had some kids in the car, and there was a big burly guy on the corner with a sign about needing food since he lost his job. I had some snacks in my purse, so I figured what the hell. I rolled down my window, told him I wished I had more, but it was what I had. We talked a bit, and then the light turned green. As I drove away, one of the kids asked why I gave him food, why he was standing there, etc. So we discussed it. no big.

As I merged into traffic after our turn, i realized what I had given the big bearded burly guy. Fruit snacks. Hello Kitty fruit snacks.